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The Dark Roast roasting process releases the aroma and flavor that is locked inside your soul. When roasting is complete your are ready to be ground, brewed and receive a deeply robust pour. A flavor-saturated originality that embraces a full toned acidity. Savor the silky and buoyant feel all the way through the flavor saturated end.


Research shows Dark Roast has a more effective antioxidant impact than lighter roasts and may reduce type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer's disease. Take a sip and see what happens for you. This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

1. Life And Death

Brightness and light develops into a deeper body that only the living of life and the finality of death can bring. Indulge in this uninhibited robust full flavor that only deep roasting can achieve.

2. Wit's End

A sturdy forthright blend that occurs when reality grinds you to perfection. Stable and strong endurance to stand against any dilution with milk or sugar. Receive the strength in defiance to the extreme.

3. The Price

The elegant fine tuned sip of deep elegance with a chocolaty ribbon of strength that winds inside you to withstand the cost of your actions. Fortify yourself to this intimately bracing vibrant response.

4. The Test

Deep throaty sustaining bold flavor when facing the consequences of a single brassy note. The end carries through the promise when this cup runneth over; Not a half-cup gas station throw away brew.

5. Living The Dream

Impossibly complex compression of heady flavors created by the torquing of the mill. Pull into this cuppa to sustain to another day.

6. Moment Of Doubt

A dark stormy brew couples with the smoky bitter strength of a stout resolution. Resonate with these notes to survive.

7. Beer Barrel Polka

A sweet deep, intense but balanced brew. Tap open the top to be shared with one and all.

8. Unholy

An aggressively savory expression to harmonize with balanced complexity. Bring forward this intensity to supplement each moment

9. Bubbles

A deep complex but crisp structure that delivers a balance between sweet and tart. Swallow this sound to feel the resonating end.

10. The Tide

Experience the rich intricate delicate sounds of a structured response. Feel the individual notes consolidate into a tsunami of melded ideas. Sit back and feel this one strengthen your stamina against the towering waves.

11. Guilty

Crisp, bold and riveting, the basic components will fortify and consolidate your resolve. Integrate the sweet-savory balanced blend.